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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

Who are these people?

Via Paul Cella, an important article on lost America and our future.

I pick out this section as something I've noticed, too.

I like to arrive just after 10:30. I am up very early, and before 11:00 my McDonald’s is still quiet. I eat and read in peace. Later, mothers drive up in their luxury SUVs with their preschool children, and, if schools are closed, older children too. Some high-schoolers show up. On Saturdays many fathers do McDonald’s duty and older children come as well. My French café is transformed into bedlam. Near the playpen especially the noise rises dramatically. I have learnt when late to shut out the din, but sometimes I watch the scene in fascination. At the counter toddlers in strollers scream when parents do not give them French fries fast enough. Older children crawl on chairs and tables or rush about shouting and shoving while waiting for mom or dad to bring the food. Mothers and fathers scurry around, anxiously solicitous of their princes and princesses. They comfort the crying and apologize to little Ashley and Eliot for having taken so long. By now I know well the difference between the crying of a child in distress and the importunate crying of a child who won’t wait or take no for an answer. At the playpen – the "hell-hole" – it is obvious that playing without throwing yourself about and making lots of noise would not be real playing. Sometimes the playpen emits such piercing screams that the Asian-American children look at their parents in startled surprise. Deference to grown-ups seems unknown. I used to take offense, but the children have only taken their cue from their parents, who took their cue from their parents. The adults, for their part, talk in loud, penetrating voices, some on cell phones, as if no other conversations mattered. The scene exudes self-absorption and lack of self-discipline.

Yes, this picture has everything to do with U.S. foreign policy. This is the emerging American ruling class, which is made up increasingly of persons used to having the world cater to them. If others challenge their will, they throw a temper tantrum. Call this the imperialistic personality – if "spoilt brat" sounds too crude.

I once had a Latin teacher at San Francisco State University who finally went to Italy after many decades of imagining its ancient grandeur and nobility. Mrs. Croft arrived in Rome, looked around at the people she saw and said, "These are not my Romans!"

Sometimes, when I go out among my peers and experience what the above paragraphs illustrate, I say to myself, "These are not my Americans."

A young Christian blogger took a vacation on a cruise ship where one young man he met was just back from Iraq. Each night they patronized the discos on board, drinking and dancing, and having a good time. But one night as they sat together on a balcony overlooking the dance floor where the girls gyrated like strippers and dressed like whores, the soldier was unaccountably depressed and morose. He said to the other, "Is that what we're fighting and dying for?"

The hilarious thing about liberals and leftists (or RDDBs as Savage calls them) is that not one of them is willing to fight to the death for things like Abortion, Higher Taxes for the Rich, Pornography, Social Security, Universal Health Care, the right to swear in public, Howard Stern, Social Justice, and so on.

But they have no problem asking decent, traditional minded young men to defend with their lives American decadence, depravity, vulgarity, and homosexual behavior.

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