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Thursday, May 13, 2004  

The Strange case of Nick Berg

Chris Regan at JunkYardBlog has an important blog on new facts and disturbing details relating to the death.

I won't recount the blog, but it appears that it was no coincidence that Berg shared an email account with Moussaoui. That Berg's father is radically anti-Bush and is exploiting his son's death to castigate him, leaves me with a sour taste, and dampens any natural sympathy I have for him. Beat your breast, rip your shirt, cut your hair, pour ashes on your head, but don't go on TV to blame Bush and not God for the horror and sorrow to be found in life.

I left a comment at the post which says some of the things I was wondering about Berg, niggling things one set aside against the horror of the death.

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