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Wednesday, May 05, 2004  

The soulless never sleep

Major League baseball is going to advertise Spiderman 2 on it's bases for a few days for the movie's opening weekend.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Jockeys advertise on their clothing at the Kentucky Derby (the Court said they could, but by what right I'm perplexed). There is no end to the crassness of businessmen, and the abuse of the human society.

"I guess it's inevitable, but it's sad," said Fay Vincent, a former baseball commissioner and former president of Columbia Pictures, which is releasing "Spider-Man 2."

"I'm old-fashioned. I'm a romanticist. I think the bases should be protected from this. I feel the same way I do when I see jockeys wears ads: Maybe this is progress, but there's something in me that regrets it very much," he added.

Why is it inevitable?

Congressman George Nethercutt [R-WA] today wrote Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig about plans to put advertisements on bases this summer. from Drudge

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