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Saturday, May 01, 2004  

Regulation Nazis

Lefties and liberals would consider me dispassionate, hard hearted, and cruel because while I consider human life to be sacred, I do not consider it to be inviolate.

This means that I do not consider punishing others (even to the point of death) when they misbehave to be wrong. But I don't believe in punishing innocents (like the unborn) or people who make ordinary and harmless mistakes such as this child of God:

Amanda Conroy expected her high school years to end in celebration on prom night, this Saturday, and then graduation, in three weeks.

But the honor roll student never expected to be booted from Barron Collier High School. All she had ever worked toward, everything she had expected to happen, changed in the school's parking lot Tuesday.

Police conducted a random search of students' cars and, after a trained drug dog alerted investigators, Amanda was asked to open up her mother's Durango.

The teen had forgotten about her mom's stun gun.

Amanda described the day as progressing in a kind of surreal fashion, as school administrators explained the zero-tolerance policy for any weapons found on campus.

Bob Conroy said his daughter's punishment increased throughout the day as he talked to an assistant principal, the principal and then an assistant superintendent: from a five-day suspension with no prom, to a 10-day suspension with no graduation ceremony, to expelled from school and no diploma.

"Her whole life is ruined because she took the wrong car," the father said about his only child.

The district's zero-tolerance policy, as it reads now, leaves no room for appeal.

"Based on similar circumstances, the principal will recommend expulsion," Assistant Superintendent Michele Lugo said.

"I feel horrible," said Amanda's mother, Darlene Conroy. "No one is allowed a mistake anymore."

Her whole life is not ruined, but the system that perpetuates this insanity is.

The little wisdom I profess to have would never allow me to treat someone like this, yet so many who would never execute a murderer would execute these absurd rules upon children and young people.

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