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Saturday, May 08, 2004  


Funny enough, when I got my dog (see below) from the Pound, I was pleased that I had found this gem of a mongrel, for I was told she was undoubtedly a mix of breeds.

But a year ago, I did some research and found that our dog was without doubt a white German shepherd, a purebred worth $1000 or so when a pup.

I found this out because I started to look for her replacement if it came to that since her character was worth trying to find a copy of.

So for about ten years, I thought this dog was unique as to breed: a mutt.

One of the most wonderful things that occurred after we got her was that it never failed that everyone (I mean that literally) who encountered her on a walk or elsewhere never failed to stop, and make comments on her beauty. (It seemed to flatter us for having found her and presented her to the world.)

This dog is the ultimate chick or guy magnet, so to speak. Children and adults always comment about how pretty she is. Oddly enough, she is immune to children. She is not an especially affectionate dog, and responds to children only if they will play as in chase her or toss her tennis balls and such.

Almost every stranger who has never seen Luna before will say upon encountering us, "What a beautiful dog!"

My wife and I have tried to figure out how to respond.

Does a "thank you" suffice? After all, we have nothing to do with her beauty.

I used to say, "I think so, too." But that sounded self-serving, as if I were taking credit for the dog's beauty when, obviously, I have nothing to do with it.

Now we tend to simply say, "thank you."

I have occasionally seen dogs her size, proportion, and beauty, but who were black or brown, and so are not as admired as Luna. It is the whiteness of her that startles people. White simply is the color of purity and holiness, and it translates to dogs, mice, and people.

There is an idea that dogs resemble their owners in remarkable ways. So here goes. Luna is white, docile, quiet, intelligent (a genius among dogs), fast learning (it takes but a short time for her to learn tricks or words), yet alert, chary (of strangers), but calm.

Maybe that's me or not. Or my wife below.

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