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Friday, May 21, 2004  

My enemy's book is on the remainder table

Anybody remember that rather bilious piece of schadenfreude?

I have finally canceled my subscription to the Sacramento Bee. When asked by the clerk for a reason, I said, "editorial content."

No reason that she has to listen to me rant about her employers.

I get all I need now from the internet for national news, and I can access the Bee for free for local stories and movie listings.

I will miss the few comics I read. I'll have to check if they're onlne.


A most wonderful thing about the English language is that its users freely absorb loan words from other languages. I wonder if there's a word in German now for "those who steal our words when they aren't smart enough to have subtle ones themselves."


Yup. You can find most of your favorite comics here or here.

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