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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

My Dog (or the family dog)

This bitch white German Shepherd is the most beautiful dog I have ever known. She's 12 years old or so and about 45 pounds. She almost never barks, is a genius among dogs, very sweet and docile, yet alert and able to read people well.

Her proportions define "Dog" in Platonic ideals perfectly. She is the very essence of "Dog". Not wolf, mind you, but dog.

This dog came from the Pound when she was about 9 months old. She was filthy, her belly and both forelegs shaved, and when I brought her home to be my daughter's dog (Shenandoah was seven years old), both she and my wife looked at her askance. They tried to be polite, and not say what they thought of my choice as being less than wonderful.

I saw what they were thinking and mocked them "O ye of little faith." Just wait 'til she was cleaned up, and her fur grew back, I told them. I sneered that they did not know how to see a diamond in the rough (a skill which I proudly admit to having).

I was right, of course, and this dog is well loved, and will be sorely missed (seeing as she is approaching demise with age and concomittant ailments).

Luna even likes to watch Kings basketball with me.

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