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Sunday, May 16, 2004  

It may be too late

Alan Keyes gave this speech some time ago. The entire address is a little tedius, but the main point he makes very forcefully is that we will either be a moral nation with values and truths based on our Judeo-Christian heritage, or we will become Rome - heathen, cruel, and unacountable in our power.

Decisions that are confronting us right now, today, in different parts of our country with respect to institutions so fundamental, not just to freedom, but to civilization itself, decisions are being taken, even as we speak, that will determine in this generation the fate of all the generations to come in our nation. And given the role of America in the world, one has to assume that, just as we were the champion against all manner of evil in the 20th century, when we have sacrificed all that is essential to the moral foundations of our country, we will transform the great power of this nation into a force for evil in the 21st century.

We don't get it. I don't believe that America ends up as some mediocrity in history. We are either going to be a force for great good, as we have been, or a force for great evil, as we must become if we do not succeed in mobilizing those forces who mean to stand against those who have declared implacable war upon God in our public life.

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