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Wednesday, May 26, 2004  

I have a right to be intolerant

Tongue Tied reports about high school students who find "tolerance" intolerable.

A gay student group at a high school in California says it is offended because the city will not proclaim June 7 “Gay Pride Day” in the community, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

The city council of Los Altos opted instead to have a Tolerance Day in town in order to be more inclusive. Councilman Ron Packard said, ``I hope the high school students have tolerance for other points of view and don't consider tolerance being a one-way street.''

But members of the Los Altos High School Gay Straight Alliance say tolerance is not good enough. ``Tolerance implies putting up with – not accepting,'' said student Alison Tarbell, 18. ``It's just not what we wanted.''

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