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Thursday, May 27, 2004  

He will dry every eye

It is bad enough that children and women are caught in crossfires in Iraq (or elsewhere) or used as shields by terrorists and killed, or in proximity to bombs and ordnance during war when they aren't intended victims, but haplessly are so.

But this, this makes me simply cry. As a father, and co-parent to all children in the world -- this breaks my heart.

The bodies of three young children -- one decapitated, two partially decapitated -- were found in an apartment in a quiet Northwest Baltimore neighborhood Thursday. . .

The mother of at least one of the children found the bodies hours after they had returned from elementary school, encountering a scene that stunned even veteran city police officers.

Theresa Hopson, 58, who lives nearby, said that she knew the children and would often see them playing together under a willow tree near her apartment window.

"They were beautiful children," she said. "When you saw one, you saw all three. They appeared to be very close to each other.... It's devastating, absolutely devastating."
Via Drudge

One child was ten and the other two nine.

Recently in Modesto a weird, polygamous father murdered almost all of his children from a number of women. Something like seven young children. There has to be a special place in Hell for such people, and yet, and yet, redemption, forgiveness, repentance opens the gate to Heaven even for Hitler.

Life is simply strange and heartbreaking. (But as Oscar Wilde wrote in prison, "how else may Lord Jesus enter but through a broken heart?")

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