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Tuesday, May 25, 2004  

Flying High

My daughter mocked me when I told her boyfriend, when showing him a large print of one of my photographs, that he could have it for $50. She didn't think it was worth it.

Now, I think very highly of the picture, but then I could be biased. I trust that I have a good eye for beauty, but self-deception and flattery can cozen us intimately.

So I decided to email Terry Teachout who has a blog, About Last Night.

Terry is an acclaimed writer and critic, biographer (of Mencken), reviewer of theater, art, and music. He works for the Wall Street Journal besides freelancing for many other important journals.

I asked Terry,

Do you like this photograph? (Link provided)
I do (but I'm biased). I was wondering if you thought it worthy of interest to the eye.

Terry responded: "Yes, I do."

(Isn't the internet great?! I email another blogger with a link, and he can respond without much hassle at all if he pleases. It makes a wide world a little village sometimes.)

Here is the picture:

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