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Tuesday, April 13, 2004  

Whither thou goest?

Daniel Pipes has a salient point to make regarding our occupation of Iraq.

". . . as a predominantly Muslim people, Iraqis share in the powerful Muslim reluctance to being ruled by non-Muslims. This reluctance results from the very nature of Islam, the most public and political of religions."

"Only in 1830 did a European power (France) find the confidence frontally to confront a Muslim state (Algeria). Even then, the French needed seventeen years just to control the coastal region."

"The European-run "mandates" set up in the Middle East after World War I included similar lofty intentions and also found few Muslim takers.

This history suggests that the coalition's grand aspirations for Iraq will not succeed. However constructive its intentions to build democracy, the coalition cannot win the confidence of Muslim Iraq nor win acceptance as its overlord."

"This explains why one finds a consistently strong resistance to rule by non-Muslims through fourteen centuries of Muslim history. Europeans recognized this resistance and in their post-crusades global expansion stayed largely away from majority-Muslim territories, knowing these would awesomely resist their control."

Mr. Pipes concludes that we should appoint a moderate, democracy leaning Saddam, and get out of there.

I have also been observing recently that we seem to be mirroring the Israeli situation of the West Bank and Gaza. Since, we are imitating the Israeli manner of limited response to vicious acts of terrorism, what can we possibly look forward to as far as nation building?

Yet, if we act with the force we should to protect American and Coalition lives, we will be treated as war criminals as Israelis are now treated.

Even so, what choice do we have? To leave the Arab world in the hands of Arabs is to promise a future of WMD's that will be used against us. The Mongols annihilated the Assassins for the murder of their ambassadors, and ensured relative peace for centuries after that. The Romans, of course, twice smashed the Jews in Judah, and enjoyed more peace in the region as a result.

Western squeamishness and weakness in the face of necessity (ruthless acts of violence against enemies and their civil populations) may mean worse slaughter later.

It is like all those parents today who are afraid to discipline their children because they believe it will cause too much pain, yet see that later on the lack of discipline in their children causes them to fail disastrously, and often horrifically.

The Muslim world is seriously out of control, and dedicated to a cult of death and evil. Trying to reason with it now, or negotiate peace is misbegotten utopianism. Some human cultures are simply so vile and irredeemable that they must be destroyed. They have a festering spirit which creates cycles of hate and sickness that refuse to be broken by grace, mercy, or joy.

Islam is that sort of culture that ought to be eradicated just as Carthage was, and its practice of infant human sacrifice ended forever.

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