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Tuesday, April 06, 2004  

Those who have ears to hear . . .

Jack Valenti is retiring (at last). He presided over a severe decline of Hollywood where Michael Medved notes that in 1965 "44 million Americans went out to the movies every week. A mere four years later, that number had collapsed to 17.5 million."

"At a time of intense debate over FCC attempts to rein in radio raunch, it's important to remember that in the movie industry content restrictions helped business, while their removal clearly hurt the bottom line. Over the past 30 years, "G" and "PG" material has consistently drawn larger audiences than releases rated "R." A serious examination of the decline in the movie audience indicates that the long-term emphasis on "adult" content represents an even more serious problem than bad morals: The numbers show that it also counts as bad business."

I have contended for years that movie and TV producers are liars. They get trotted out on Nightline to tell us how the market determines what the media shows -- "the public loves and wants sex and violence. We only satisfy their need." Failing to mention that more people don't love it and won't go see it, but will go see wholesome entertainment when it appears.

Valenti was a pathetic shill for scum, tripe, and merde. Good riddance.

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