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Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

The incredible gets more so

Amy Welborn has a brief blog, but links end up with this letter at FreeRepublic about a Catholic priest resigning from his parish after the Archbishop (Egan) insisted he rehire teachers at their school who had been refusing to teach Catholic doctrines and theology.

Also the the principal and vice-principal refused to co-operate in accounting for over $600,000 never sent to the archdiocese.

"On the most recent administration of the Archdiocese’s standardized religion test last June, approximately 66% of our students failed. The major reason for this was that several of our teachers were not committed to teaching the Catholic faith. One teacher, for example, was taking her students to non-Catholic religious services on Sunday mornings. Another refuses to teach her students to make the Sign of the Cross. Others do not teach those doctrines of the Catholic faith with which they disagree. To rectify these problems, I appointed a new Director of Religious Education for the school this year, but the teachers who were hostile to Catholic doctrine disrupted his classes, belittled him in front of his students, instructed his students to ignore him, and even spread slanderous reports about him."

The arrogance, venality, and dishonor of people who purport to be members of a group, and yet refuse to obey its rules simply astonishes me.

I no longer believe in many of the doctrines and dogma I first wholeheartedly accepted when I converted to the RC church, but I continue to obey all the rules in belonging. Why? Because I gave the church and those fellow members my word when I joined them.

I have no right to subvert the group by gross insubordination, or to scandalize others with my "heresies". Nor do I think I am infallible in all my understandings that I have the authority to undermine the faith of others.

When I was in the U.S. Forest Service for a second year, I was assigned to a station in Oregon. The crew was composed of college students working for the summer. Their former foreman had been so lax that they actually had come to resent being asked to do a little work.

I found it hard to get along with these very well off, middle class kids who had no compunction of accepting money for work they did not do. They had no sense of obligation to the contract they'd made with the government.

Here we have teachers and administrators in a church who have no sense of obligation to the word they have given to the community and God. And instead, they are self-righteous about their perversity.


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