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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Homeland Security

Another oil refinery blows up. That makes three mysterious explosions and events at oil refineries in the past few weeks.

If journalists are such geniuses, why haven't they noticed a possible pattern here? First the Arabs raise the price of oil at election time to hurt the American economy, and now we have refineries which are operating full tilt because of lack of capacity for the market since states like California have impeded the building of new facilities.

We have seen in Spain that the Islamofascists intend to influence elections if they can. Hurting the economy can have that effect.

Refineries have operated full bore before yet how many consecutive fires and explosions have there been? I have never heard of one refinery's fire or accident followed by two more at different sites within a short space of time.

Yet, various exposes have been done regarding security at chemical plants and such which illustrate how easy they are to sabotage.

Isn't this the time to renew that program of citizen spying? That is, for people to be allowed to report suspicious behavior they see to authorities?

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