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Wednesday, April 21, 2004  

Hell - Handbasket Part Three European Edition

DNA kits to combat spitting menace

BUS drivers in Edinburgh are to be issued with DNA kits in an effort to catch people who spit on them while they are working.

About one driver a week is reported to police as having been spat on, although the actual figure is believed to be twice as high because many incidents go unreported.

"Spitting is a fairly common crime on buses in Edinburgh, although we feel there is still quite a bit of unreporting of it by drivers, as they may believe it is a hazard of the job to be spat on.

More than 25 bus passengers faced assault charges for spitting at drivers following the introduction of the saliva recovery kits on all services run by First in Glasgow last September.

There is no mention at all of why anyone would want to spit on a bus driver; no explanation of motive. I guess it's just the hooliganism Brits have become famous for the world over.

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