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Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

Agree with the Derb

Perhaps I'm over-stimulated, but I thought last night's Presidential press conference was a real snoozer.

"We appreciate the commitment of our allies ... We must remain steadfast ... A free Iraq will be a major blow to terrorism ... Given a chance, Iraq will be a free and stable society ... It's important for our soldiers to know America stands with them ... I feel strongly that the course this administration has taken will make America more secure and the world more free..."

I guess these things need saying, but they slide off the consciousness like Muzak. Nothing sticks, nothing makes an interesting point. And nobody's mind gets changed.

. . . there is just something about a Bush speech, or news conference, that fails to stir my blood. I'm sorry, but I think the President is desperately, hopelessly inarticulate.
John Derbyshire via The Corner

Bush often took 30 words when 5 would have done. He droned on and babbled. I was disappointed with his answers. I had hoped he'd do some hard hitting with punchy phrasing, but he always seemed in search of the next word,phrase, idea to formulate.

Someone said he should go on a radio talk show where he could be himself. Bush is very good in a semi-private, one on one format where he can relax and talk straight. Bush never learned how to be glib like Clinton who was a natural phoney (love that oxymoron).

One question was asked about "hired guns" in Iraq -- the contractors who were killed and their bodies mutilated. I had hoped Bush would jump down that reporter's throat with both feet and say, "Those American contractors were ex-servicemen, patriots, and specially trained security forces that were there to protect the delivery of humanitarian aid. To characterize those brave men as "hired guns" or mercenaries is beneath contempt, and you and others who call them that should be ashamed of yourselves. They were serving the people of Iraq while supporting their families. One young man leaves a new baby behind."

But Bush didn't do that. He hemmed and hawed. I yawned.

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