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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  

Works for me

In some places in India and China the sex ratio is nearly 130 males to 100 females born in the last 4-7 years.

The use of sex selected abortions for many decades in India is already affecting many states there.

China's one child policy skewed things further in a culture that already preferred sons.

My question is where are all those millions of bride-less males going to go? What will they do? Will it be the rape of the Sabine women all over again?

It's a very serious problem -- young men without women. I don't suspect that such waves of men will be very picky after awhile as to how they get women. Slaughtering your neighboring nation's men might very well seem like a good answer.

If you figured your chance of getting killed in war were 1 in a 100, would you take it if the "enemy" had something you wanted more than anything except life?

Here's my answer. We arm all those young Chinese and Indian men, and send them through Islam to get brides. We literally kill two birds with one stone. We solve the problem of Islamic terrorism, and decimate the evil, murderous, religious culture that Islam is.

Plus, we have another anti-immigration rallying cry -- SAVE OUR WOMEN! (That's not really a slight thing. When you get down to it, culture and survival depend on simple and compelling principles and interests.)

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