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Monday, March 29, 2004  

To ask is to answer?

The Belmont Club wonders aloud whether the Global War on Terror is really a war that needs to be fought against the Left.

The possible electoral defeat of President Bush by John Kerry raises the question of whether the Global War on Terror ultimately requires a war on the Left. That is to say whether a political defeat of the Left is a prerequisite for stamping out worldwide terrorism. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many in the Left, at least, believes that the GWOT is a war on them.

I have long held that America's two greatest challenges are that of the Fifth Column Left undermining values, law, morals, and defense, and that of illegal immigration.

If we cannot meet those challenges with force and energy, it hardly matters how many Afghanistans we invade. We will win all the military battles, but lose the war of freedom and culture at home. And in quick time, we will lose military resolve and strength.

If we destroy entrepreneurship as this column illustrates, we lose innovation, and we are depending on innovation in weapons development, tactics, and efficiency.

There are dozens of possible technologies which will eventually make soldiers safer and deadlier. It is essential that we maintain a fine edge over our enemies. Leftist socialism, appeasement, and destruction of creativity and enterprise will leave us naked to our foes.

Our government is already behind the curve. Fed Ex and can account for and track millions of items every day, yet Homeland Security doesn't know who has entered and left the country according to the law, or what foreign students are actually taking classes.

The railroads can move, track, load, and unload millions of cargo containers all over the country according to plan or exigency, yet Customs can't do the same at ports of entry.

In WW2, FDR appointed groups of $1/year men from business and industry to oversee the ramping up of the war industries. Why not appoint Jeff Bezos for a year or two to revamp the INS and Customs?

I guess, we know why. It would make perfect sense, and politicians rarely do the perfectly sensible when there are other means available for self-aggrandizement.

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