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Thursday, March 25, 2004  

Super Sized Con

TCS has a column on a documentary movie that's been released recently. "Super Size Me" is the self promotion of a con man, a la Michael Moore, who proves that fast food is evil.

First we had documentary movies, then mockumentaries (Spinal Tap), but now we need a whole new category for deceive-U-dramas.

This filmmaker ate McDonalds for a month. He did no exercise of any kind and ate twice as many calories as he needed to, and - TA DA - got fat! Needless to say, the slimmed down Roger Ebert loved it.

The column points out that Robert De Niro chubbed up for Raging Bull by going gourmand on fine Italian food in Italy.

To paraphrase that great chubbette, Slick Willy, it's the calories, stupid!

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