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Monday, March 08, 2004  

Satyricon USA

I seem to recall that in Petronius' Satyricon (or the film made by Fellini), there was a section focused around a hermaphrodite as a matter of interest for the two main characters.

I also recall that there was a perverse fascination in the ancient world of Greece and Rome about such people.

This article in the NYT is about people who call themselves "ze" or "hir" to distinguish themselves as neither male nor female.

One girl, after spending the summer in Cuba, returned to college and had her breasts lopped off - "Some classmates had chipped in to pay for the surgery; to cover the rest, Luke took out loans."

Luke is not her birth name.

Various elite Eastern colleges are doing everything possible to accomodate their very confused students -- worst of all, encouraging their delusions, unhappiness, and desire to mutilate themselves.

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