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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

A rough colt

Even a lot of conservatives take issue with the satire and invective of Ann Coulter. I won't apologize. She makes me laugh. Her daggers are generally on target, and apt due to the fact that they have a basis in fact.

For example, a lot of liberals like jokes about Bush (see Billy Crystal and the Oscars) where they talk about him missing service in the National Guard, or that he's dumb (with a masters from Harvard Business School), or a liar.

None of those jokes which reference such ideas have any basis in truth. So they fall flat, and aren't funny. They're just obviously mean. If they joked about how Bush tends to mangle language and isn't the best extemporaneous speaker, we'd all laugh because it's true. He's not so good off the cuff. He's genuine, but not slick.

But Ann Coulter zings Kerry as a gigolo who goes after rich women. Well, who knows what charms Kerry has in romancing ladies (some say he's an inept scumbag), but the result has certainly been that he marries rich women to his advantage.

Anyway, Ann has a chuckle inducing column on The Passion here.


Kerry really likes rich women.

Kerry dated Gilbey, a British gin heiress, in the late 1980s before she dumped him for Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. This was prior to Kerry marrying ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz . . . NY Post

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