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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  

Prophet of Doom

This man believes our adventure in nation building is futile.

He makes a convincing case that Islam, the religion and culture it creates, is hopelessly evil, malevolent, and destructive. That the only thing that makes it work at all are "bad" muslims who don't follow the doctrines very well.

Islam, he demonstrates with a thorough reading of the Koran, the Hadith, and other major books of the religion, how corrupt and vile (and often incoherent) Islam actually is.

Everybody under its system is like an abused child. Most won't be violent, but all are incredibly wounded and easily made vicious. The oft noted Arab lack of empathy for others outside Islam is documented as symptomatic of a sociopathic prophet and his sick followers.

He makes the case that the pathetic situation of all muslim nations is not accidental, but determined by the nature of the religious culture.

It's pretty strong and arresting stuff. He doesn't pull any punches, and his hatred of Islam is powerful and effective. We should all hate Islam as much as Craig Winn does.

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