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Sunday, March 14, 2004  

Pitchers and catchers

The Belmont Club explains in his inimitable fashion why the Left bends over for the Islamofascists.

"The arrival of the Islamists in the West, like a new gang arriving in town, has changed the dynamic considerably. They are given a wide berth by the Left, not merely out of a shared hatred for America, but out of fear -- pure operational fear. When the adnan or call to prayer is sounded from the bell tower at the state-funded University of Miami (hat tip: Little Green Footballs) to the approval of Leftist claques, there is a more than mutual admiration involved."

In a later post, Wretchard notes that the Left's cowardice may actually help us in the war against the monsters of terror:

"The events in Spain show it is no longer possible to embrace both Eurosocialism and national independence; Eurosocialism and national defense; Eurosocialism and survival. The two have become incompatible states. You can have one but not the other. And since men must live and live to breathe free, Eurosocialism must in the end pass into the night chained to its boon companions."

"In this fight, America's greatest ally will be the global Jihad itself. As the terror network is squeezed so will it infest the countries which have given it succor. Every nation and territory which has surrendered to the Jihad has chosen for itself unending misery and abjection. Those who drink from the cup of Osama must endure it to its last bitter dregs."

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