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Friday, March 12, 2004  

Our courageous leaders

We will lose the culture war:

"Eight years ago, Michigan's representatives overwhelmingly voted for a bill declaring that states had the right to not recognize out-of-state gay marriages. But today, only four members of the state's house delegation are willing to vote in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage."

Everywhere I look, it is impossible to find many Republican politicians who will fight for core conservative values. Tom Tancredo in Colorado, Tom McClintock in Cal, Rico Oller in No. Cal, but where else?

Who came to Roy Moore's defense in the US Congress or White House?

Are the Republicans simply reflecting their constituency? Yet some 79% of Americans desperately want illegal immigration curbed, but the pols do not respond. 82% are Christians, yet who is defending Moore, the "under God" language, prayer at public events, and so forth? Some 60-70% of Americans oppose same sex marriage, but whither the hue and cry from the stumps of all the current campaigns?

The only alternative is for a demogogue to emerge. When good people fail to fight for the Good, then scoundrels will inevitably appear.

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