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Thursday, March 11, 2004  

The Left on radio

I've been wondering what the new Liberal Talk Radio was going to be like, but I don't know if I can get it from San Francisco when it starts.

I referenced a liberal lefty, though, named Thom Hartmann and listened to one of his archived shows. He had a man from the Heritage Foundation on talking about the economy, unions, and the free market.

I was amazed at the callers and Thom because it was like listening to communists. Thom kept harping on how liberal government created the middle class, how the free market is the enemy of the people, how we need government to set wages, and that the idea that anyone might not earn a "living wage" was the world's greatest tragedy. He also doubted that prosperity is created by free markets, fluid job creation and destruction, education, and initiative. What's that leave? Government. In his mind, government is the answer everywhere and always.

I have rarely heard such openly expressed communist lunacy. He echoed a caller who suggested that defining prosperity as most Americans do -- having enough money to buy stuff and enjoy life as they please -- was wrong, and they needed correction, by people such as them (because, obviously, such people are oppressors exploiting others by not paying living wages and granting unlimited health care).

What was also problematic was that Thom couldn't keep to a single subject but constantly shifted the ground, rather than really explore where he or the guest might be right or wrong. Some of that was because of the callers, but even then, the callers were referring to a subject they were covering. The host simply evaded the discussion when the facts or examples contradicted his prejudices.

The speaker from the Heritage Foundation was treated civilly and fairly. He got to talk and make his points. He just didn't get to rebut or further develop his proofs which would have demolished the communists.

You can reference the archives here.

I listened to March 10th's show. The Heritage member's segment is in the second hour. I can't say I listened to the whole three hour show. One can only bear such madness and absurdity for so long.

Itis also a bit frightening to discover how many people subscribe to such anti-human beliefs. They clearly consider themselves not only superior (which is no biggie since everyone thinks they're better than someone else) people, but as uniquely chosen to order life for others. They can solve poverty (never mind that there are no real poor people in America today). They can solve innovation which provokes confusion, change, dislocation, lost jobs, and so on.

They are completely certain that nothing which happens in life which causes insecurity, failure, or change can't be controlled by an enlightened group of people in charge of everything.

I have never met a Christian with a more simplistic faith in dogma (and I've met many silly Christians with exceedingly childish notions about God) than these people have in their own judgment and their creed. They are worse than dealing with a childish and immature person, because they are supermen in their own minds. They are uber mensches who don't even know they are proud. They are possessed with a kind of madness which makes their hubris undetectable to themselves.

It is like the Dem politician who assured me that children don't need a mother and a father. That they do fine without them. He had no children himself, of course.

How do you reason with such a stunted soul? How do you persuade a communist that human life is incorrigibly risky and necessarily so? That free choice is essential to human development?

You can't.

Savage is right -- "Extreme liberalism is a mental disease."

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