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Monday, March 01, 2004  

Just a Business

Catholic Charities in California has been declared an outlaw by not offering contraception and abortion coverage in its health plans. The State Supreme Court ruled that CC broke the state law by not doing so.

"The Supreme Court ruled that the charity is not a religious employer because it offers such secular services as counseling, low-income housing and immigration services to the public without directly preaching about Catholic values.

The court also noted that the charity employs workers of differing religions. "

Well, I have privately held the opinion for some time that Catholic Charities and other Catholic charity groups have been doing a disservice to people by not being evangelical in their outreach and charity work. It has finally caught up to them in this terrible legal judgment.

They can't actually prove that they are religious organizations by their mission or practice.

Don't get me wrong, the law is horribly unjust and tyrannical. It is an attempt to thwart the Catholic teachings and free exercise of religion, but Catholic Charities has become so liberal and wishy washy that you can hardly blame secularists for not finding any religion in it.

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