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Monday, March 08, 2004  

Duking it out

Duke University held a panel discussion on their lack of any conservative professors in the social science and liberal arts departments. They basically concluded that there wasn't a problem.

I read the panel's remarks and then listened to the Q&A that followed.

There were two speakers who illustrated the problem of the lack of intellectual diversity with facts, figures, and reason, but the upshot of the evening was that conservative opinion and philosophies don't count and that liberal professors are so unbiased and fair minded as to be able to present conservative ideas even better than conservatives can.

What was distressing in all the polite erudition of so many professors is how incredibly dumb they are. One history professor assured the college Republicans that he is entirely unbiased in his teaching.

Isn't that kind of judgment usually reserved to external observers? Can anyone say of themselves -- "I am unprejudiced, unbiased, and a good man, to boot! How do I know? Because I tell myself so!"

Also, it seemed that no one, not students, deans, or teachers could make a simple, brief, and clear statement. The questioners usually wandered all over the place and could not make a coherent point, conclusion, or query. If this is the state of reason at an elite private school, we are in trouble.

Of course, what was most sadly missing was any concept of truth in the whole discussion. One professor mentioned the university's mission in facilitating the students in their search for truth, but doesn't that pre-suppose there is such a thing as truth? Yet, I doubt a single member in the collection of souls that gathered could coherently tell anyone what truth is.

I recommend listening to the Q&A since you will not likely get a better example of ivory tower blindness and self-satisfaction. To see such intellectual midgets in action is like watching a train wreck in very slow motion. What a state our country is in.

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