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Tuesday, March 23, 2004  


I'm not going to become a big Mel Gibson defender. I don't know the man, and have no basis to judge him ill or well as a person.

Yet, others are happy to. Especially this fellow who risked not a cent on the movie, but wants a share in the profits.

". . . Mel, we would urge you to consider the wider implications of your vast success. No one in history has ever found a way of turning the Gospels into a money machine, but that achievement carries with it certain ecumenical responsibilities."

Sorry. Everyone in history has found a way to make a profit form the Gospels. Mel is not unique in that. But how many have risked as much as Mel did?

Beside that, the man's whole complaint is snide and smarmy. I wouldn't give him a dime more than his salary. The fellow thinks he's entitled. That just about is grounds for automatic disqualification for receiving a magnanimous gesture.

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