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Tuesday, March 02, 2004  


I have suffered physical agonies that would have made a great many people blow their brains out. I have a skin disease ( I'm tempted to say "virulent" as the Bible is often translated now relating such things), which, if left unchecked and untreated, covers 100% of my body.

The skin is largest of all sensory organs of our bodies. It is incredibly sensitive. It can register the slightest disturbance of a single downy hair and signal the brain of such effect.

My skin, if allowed to run rampant, becomes a kind of hard rind and crust of dead skin cells which become thick and crack. Which causes bleeding. That's not so bad. What's bad is that every inch of my body is reacting to this condition as if ten thousand fire ants were biting every other millimeter of flesh at the same time.

Cattle and buffalo have sometimes stampeded, and rushed headlong over cliffs in order to try and flee biting midges and no-see-ums. That is nothing compared to psoriasis in total flaring of the skin.

I wil not catalogue the number of times I have suffered such agony for days at a time which have nearly driven me mad with both horror and anguish.

Yet, when I saw Jesus on the crucifix during the movie of The Passion, I said to myself, "What I have suffered doesn't come close to that. Forgive me, Lord, because I am weak."

Yet, I can honestly say that what I have physically suffered from my skin disease is probably (if we can measure such things) a hundred times greater than what the mass of humanity have suffered in the course of their lives.

But my suffering doesn't come close to the crucifixion of Jesus.

I don't know if this puts anything into perspective for others. But it does for me.

There is nothing like physical suffering. A lot of artists like to focus on mental anguish, the hardships of poverty (been there), rejection by others (that, too), but the pure fact of the matter is that nothing compares to the horror of physical misery.

If you want to quickly break a strong man down, make him ill and prolong it.

I want to say so much about pain and suffering but to heck with it , Jesus is Lord!

God bless Mel Gibson. His movie, his vision is a renewal of truth.

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