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Sunday, February 01, 2004  

The simple power of truth

Christians often fantasize on what it must have been like to have actually known Jesus while he walked the earth with his friends. Certainly the Gospels attempt to satisfy that desire to know Jesus as he was.

Well, a tape at the BBC of Mohandas Gandhi (about 6 minutes) speakng about spiritual truth and God gives us a ground level view of a great sage speaking with authority, and persuading with a powerful humility and sanctity of life.

Christians will find nothing offensive or contrary to their own central beliefs about God in this address of Gandhi's. His dialectic, theology, and wisdom conform entirely with Christian belief. The only shortcoming that a Christian will note is that he does not recognize Jesus as God (who goes unmentioned), but otherwise, I think listeners will be moved by the precision of his thought and knowledge.

As I was listening to him, I kept wondering how an atheist would respond, for it seemed to me that Gandhi's power and wisdom by themselves were persuasive, and the ideas he expressed were fused with his kindness and generosity of spirit. It gives you some idea of the power that Jesus' presence among people might have been like. An appeal to soulfulness in each one that was irresistable.

It is as if you saw a soul that exemplified you at your very best and virtuous.

It would take the hardest of hearts, and most obstinate and intransigent of people to deny there is something in this God thing.


An interesting comparison between the authentic soul and the masquerader would be to listen to these brief responses by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (yes, the Beatles' guru) and then listen to Gandhi. Your heart immediately can tell the difference. It makes you wonder why anyone ever falls for the charlatans.

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