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Wednesday, February 25, 2004  

Savage gone Silly

I'm listening to Michael Savage who has announced that he's going to give a sermon in some church or large hall on The Healing Wheel.

Michael gave a rant after talking to Jerry Falwell on his show. Falwell explained after some questions about Gibson's movie, The Passion, about Savage's questions on what the Crucifixion means. Jerry gave the standard evangelical line about the Atonement, the necessity of being born again, and only those who accept Christ into their hearts can be saved.

After Falwell's appearance ended, Savage went on a tear explaining how it was impossible for God to exclude other people from other religions who were pretty good folks all in all.

Savage explained how All Religions Are One, and after a break came back to ask for help in finding a place to give a sermon on his New Age pantheistic notion of how all religions are simply spokes on a wheel joining at the hub which is God.

I always knew that Savage had a rather grandiose opinion of himself (how else could he be such a talk show host?), but now he thinks he's a prophet, too, sent to unite all religions under heaven.

You just have to laugh at the delusions of grandeur, but you might keep in mind Blake's aphorism -- "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

What Savage and many others can't accept is that maybe, just maybe, Jesus did rise. And if so, what then? All religions make truth claims which need to be tested. Dismissing them all as somehow equal or similar doesn't test them at all. The test of whether Christianity is True, is to ask. Seek. Knock.

But Savage and others won't test the claims. That would require real discipline, an open heart, a willingness to repent and change if confronted with Truth.

Savage is so frustrated with the world and the country that his despair is destroying him. He's quite a bit of a manic depressive in some respects, and this sudden elation and self-exaltation is carrying him away. He is ripe for conversion, but cannot see that the way out is not through himself, but through someone else.

Like many people, Savage believes in self-reliance to the extreme; that he's the only one he needs to live and be saved. He loves created things and thinks that's God. The wind, the sea, the seals. He misses the Creator, though. Not really believing or hoping that God can be met as he is.

So until Savage is really crushed in pride, well, he won't accept that the Truth is within easy reach.

"The only hope for the world is if everybody sees it as I see it." Savage.

I guess this means that Savage just jumped the shark, though.

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