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Saturday, February 28, 2004  

The Round Table is being broken

I find myself as upset and distraught these days over the destruction of our Republic as I was over two and a half years ago by 9/11.

Any reminder of our situation causes a fight response in me. I want people to die or be killed for the clear and present danger they present to my (former?) way of life and country.

Some people say, "what's it to you if Fred and Bill, or Mary and Jane marry? How's that affect you?"

My feelings are so visceral on the matter that they almost justify themselves, but to enter the conscious realm, the affect is pretty simple on one basic, biological level -- they are trying to see that my tribe, my herd, my people, my culture gets slaughtered by so weakening our will to self-defense. Moral fiber seems like a cliche, but it is only because we value our duty more than we value depravity, that societies survive and endure.

On a basic survival level, my clan has done a good job of protecting itself against the hostile forces which would overwhelm it; for in fact, mortal life is constant war. There is only a patina of peace at any time. That patina has, unfortunately, allowed many to delude themselves that other peoples mean us no harm, and would not kill us for what we have.

Marriage is the singlemost cornerstone and foundation of Western civilization. Any threat to our form of marriage is a threat to our survival as not only a free, dynamic, and prosperous people, but to our very existence. See any Romans among you in the world nowadays? Sorry, Italians aren't the actual descendants of Romans. They are the descendants of a few Romans and lots of invaders.

You do see lots of Chinese, though, who have been the virtual slaves of oligarchs, warlords, chieftans, emperors and conquorers for eons.

On a more personal level, the homosexual undefining of marriage can only be arrived at by 1) mockery of marriage as a noble estate itself, and complete denigration of the actual needs of children, 2) usurpation of the will of the people, 3) unembarrassed, bald faced installation of judges as our legislators by fiat and decree, and 4) and the disintegration of our Constitution and its rules of law and order.

When Bill and Fred "marry" legally, they have done so by robbing me of my civil rights. My voice, my vote, my laws count as nothing. I am, in fact, disenfranchised; no longer a free man, but a ward of the State's judges who may do to me as they will. A new oligarchy. Jefferson's meritocracy become the treason of the clerks (intellectuals).

But who will fight this war and do the killing? Neo-nazi white power groups? People who are no better than common criminals? At some point the Sons of Liberty must be resurrected, and new forms of the Boston Tea Party must be created.

Who will join such a cause? Young men are in love with their pornography. My daughter's generation have all been taught that homosexuals are harmless and their practices normal. Sodomy and sodomists don't seem like an evil to them.

Middle aged men are enjoying the fruits of their labor -- happy and content as gelded bulls being fattened for slaughter.

Old men are passed caring since they know or sense the world is all "vanity of vanities". Why fight it? You can no more fight the tide.

Where will we find the toughness to fight with? Who in the world has it? Canadians, Irish, British, Australians, New Zealanders, the Scandinavians, the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Spanish have all lost the will to fight for their people and cultures. America is on the cusp.

I find it impossible to believe that Americans will easily become as slavish as, say, the Chinese who are long used to lacking freedom, dynamism, and creativity. But we have learned that it is not so hard to overcome a people, and crush their spirit.

"The greatest crisis we face is the crisis of moral foundation of our free people." Alan Keyes

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