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Friday, February 13, 2004  

O Tempora! O Mores!

Rebecca Hagelin notices that the Massachusetts judges aren't out to improve marriage but to murder it.

To redefine marriage – the very core of what we know as family – is to wreak havoc on every other institution that holds our country together. From the legal system, to interstate commerce, to health care, to your neighborhood, everything would eventually fall apart. Why? Because the nuclear family – starting with the marriage of one man and one woman – is the very foundation of the entire human race and every single civil society since the beginning of time.

The fact is, to redefine marriage to accommodate anything other than the divine design that has withstood the test of time is to make a mockery – a farce – out of an institution that was created by God.

And, of course, that's really the point, isn't it?

The goal isn't for everyone to be able to enjoy any type of marriage they choose – the goal is to destroy it. And power-hungry activist judges are helping them do just that.

The radio talk show host, Michael Savage, is making the same point on his broadcasts, that the Homosexual Agenda has been taken over by communists whose intent is to destroy the family; that homosexuals care less about marriage, and it's all a ploy to destroy the nation and society as Marx promoted subversion by such means - depravity, licentiousness, immorality, divorce, and so on. Any means to undermine the foundations of human society in order to replace it with his new order.

Yesterday in San Francisco, the mayor ordered county clerks to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Not one word has come from the Governor nor Attorney General about this violation of our state constitution. Not one clerk apparently refused to follow the illegal order of the city mayor.

The hope is that a court challenge will lead our Supreme Court to decide that our laws on Equal Protection can be used to do what was done in Massachusetts - set aside the will of the people. They want the court to claim that our state law on mariage is discriminatory.

I don't think our judges will go along, though. Ours have not proven to be as arrogant as others lately in their rulings.

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