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Friday, February 13, 2004  

How do we do it? Volume!

Newsweek ran a cover story - Who Killed Jesus?

This was to play on Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion, which is about to open, but most of all for the reason of money.

Time, Newsweek, Us News and World Report, et al, have all discovered that any cover that has Jesus on it sells more copies. Thus they are constantly looking for an excuse to have a Jesus cover story.

One year it's the Jesus Seminar that's highlighted, the next it's the Da Vinci Code, the Bible Code, the who knows what code as long as they can put Jesus up front.

The articles are all usually skeptical of any dogmatic belief in Jesus (or experienced one), but try to be respectful as they invariably note that "millions of people believe that Jesus rose from the dead" kind of observation. Which is their way of saying, "a bunch of kooks out there think a dead man can get wake up, but let's not offend them if we can avoid it. They have dollars in their pockets, after all."

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