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Sunday, February 22, 2004  

Code Blue - DOA

A friend pressed a novel on me that I had had no intention of ever reading. She was insistent on wanting to hear what I thought of it, so I took it home and read it the next day.

I can see why the book is popular, but for me, The Da Vinci Code is quite a dud. It's recounting of history is not only bad, but ludicrous, it is riddled with flat out balderdash, and its concept of religion is hopelessly puerile and sophmoric.

Even so, it's not a bad page turner, has one good twist in the plot (while predictable in every other aspect), but has a silly ending.

For a quest in which the Grail hunters are the good guys, and the great goddess is the one true religion, not to "shock" the world with the documents of proof that Jesus was a daddy and no god is a cop out. It's no good threatening to change the world for the better with a great new truth, and then not do it in fiction. Particularly when the hidden "truth" has been jealously guarded for two millennia against the evil Church against all odds.

The book's major premise is that God is Sex. That's the only place anyone can meet "her" in life. Now, if you're a fifteen year old boy, that may seem a matter of fact, but for adults to be sitting around and talking about it as the only pathway to God(dess) for a second or two (for males especially) is ridiculously jejune.

What's sad is that Leonardo Da Vinci is now going to be looked at through the eyes of people who think his painting wasn't about Beauty, but about secret messages.

Even my Polish barber mentioned that it was a well known matter of fact that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, produced offspring, and Da Vinci revealed it in his paintings. And he said he hadn't read Dan Brown's book. That he picked up these "facts" some time ago.

Maybe someone will write a book called The Iconographer's Code which proves that sacred icons reveal that Jesus is Lord, and there are openly hidden messages in Paul which confirm that secret, as international agents of Atheists Anonymous covertly search the globe for icons to destroy and bibles to burn.

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