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Wednesday, February 18, 2004  

Another perspective

It keeps getting thrown in the faces of heterosexuals that we're the ones who have botched marriage and blemished its sanctity; and are thus to blame for its pending demise.

Yes, but has anyone noted that in spite of all the "failed" marriages, those failures inevitably try again to get it right? Like sinners who have failed, but rise again in hope to avoid sin, so too have people kept marriage as a positive good which they don't give up on even though they have failed at it once (or more).

The fact is that despite the harm people have done to others by their marital failures, marriage is still a great Good that heterosexuals devotedly pursue.

Divorce has invariably harmed adults and children, but it has done no harm to marriage (people still seriously want it and approve of it). Whereas approval of co-habitation and of homosexual domestic unions does the most damage, by undefining marriage and robbing it of any value and meaning.

Divorce increases insecurity and promotes selfishness in children so they are unlikely to trust in perseverance, but they still try marriage with some hope.

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