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Friday, January 16, 2004  

With such friends . . .

Apparently The National Review is feeling sensitive about being damned with faint praise: I think there has been, on the part of the critics, a failure of perspective. As for Shea’s claim that NR adheres to a “Mammon First/Family Second” conservatism, or his rather breast-beating declaration that he will stick with “the Faith” rather than with “conservative ideology,” I think that sort of thing should be beneath him.

Well, as I recently pointed out, I also think that the neo-cons are Mammon First and rather soulless, but I guess they don't like being told so.

Jonah Goldberg adds: But when you add these -- and a few other -- factors together, one can see how the perception that we are a bunch of glib, worldly, libertarian go-along/get-along Republicans starts to spread. On the substance, I think this perception is debunked very easily. But I'm not sure what we can do about the perception.

I don't buy it that the reality is different than the perception. No one minds jocularity or the testing of ideas, but there is also an amazing amount of sheer banality that betrays the kind of seriousness serious people would like to ocassionally see in others. I find the description above, "glib, worldly, libertarian go-along/get-along Republicans" apt.

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