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Monday, January 12, 2004  

We the People?

According to Mark Steyn:

Eighty-three percent. Pretty big number. So who are the 17 percent who don't think illegal immigrants should be seized, jailed, have their property confiscated and deported?

Well, they're pretty much everyone in the two major parties, plus the entire U.S. media.

I don't believe that politicians should be weather vanes, reacting to every poll before determining policy, but this isn't a matter of the morality of slavery, experimentation on invountary humans, or changing the First Amendment which ought to be no brainers.

The issue of illegal immigration is more than a matter of national security, and when 83% of us say we want the criminals deported our elected officials ought to listen - for this is a no-brainer of a different sort.

Someone elsewhere in the blogosphere last week said that they had hoped Bush would turn out not to be another hack politician. That had been my hope, too.

I had hoped that with his sincere Christian principles, basic traditional values, and conservative leanings that he would have a clearer idea of what leadership is for, and that it wasn't about prolonging his time in office no matter the cost to the people.

He got a tax cut for us, but increased spending above the demands of war. He didn't lift a finger to get good judges appointed to higher courts. Frankly, he dithered on the war against Iraq (but a lot of that delay may be laid at Tony Blair's feet, perhaps).

I continue to look for inititatives against Syria's support of terrorism and against Arafat, but haven't seen them. I don't think we have deployed enough men in Afghanistan to stablilize the entire country, and to hunt down the Taliban in Pakistan.

A lot of that could be called quibbles. Bush did the very important big things - he took out the Taliban and Saddam.

But this Immigration proposal is no trial balloon that is being mercifully shot down and put to rest. No, Bush seems to actually believe in it, and intends to make it policy and law. I can't think of a greater betrayal to all the American people, let alone those who have supported him.

I never liked it when talking to someone, they'd say, "I never vote. They're all a bunch of crooks."

I'd remind them of history - Washington, Adams, Lincoln, and so on; but they'd still insist that voting was a waste of time.

Well, it's not exactly that. Who gets elected locally and nationally has a big effect on our lives, but it's hard to put aside the cynical observation that even when they do the right thing, that politicians are simply ambitious for power no matter what.

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