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Wednesday, January 14, 2004  

The sublime and the ridiculous

The Revealer reveals: "There are two subjects on which no half-bright person should ever take an opinion poll seriously," writes Steve Perry, a columnist for the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages. "And of the two, I suspect people these days are quite a lot more honest about sex than they are about religion."

"Consider," writes Perry, "that 69 percent of Minnesotans affirmed God to be very important in the conduct of their lives and 46 percent said they frequently use religious principles to solve problems; then consider that, to any serious religious person, these two questions are essentially the same question stated in different terms. So why did half again more respondents say yes to the first version of the query? Because it mentioned God, and -- as a matter of cultural manners, first and foremost -- Americans aren't supposed to say no to God, openly anyway."

This is marvelous. People admit they follow God, and then admit that they only do so a little.

Remember the Gospel verse where Jesus asks if he will find faith upon the Earth when he returns? We forget the wisdom in Ecclesiates - vanity of vanities. People are eager to conceal their self-deceptions. This is a cause for laughter or despair.

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