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Saturday, January 10, 2004  

Soldiers as sorry victims

This army major wants us to know about real heroes and toughness, and tells us why he thinks Americans prefer soldiers as pathetic victims. Read the whole thing.

During the invasion phase of the Iraq War, Captain Zan Hornbuckle, a 29-year-old Army officer from Georgia, found himself and his 80 men surrounded by 300 Iraqi and Syrian fighters. Unable to obtain air or artillery support, Captain Hornbuckle and his unit, who were never before in combat, fought for eight hours. When the smoke cleared, 200 of the enemy were dead. Thanks to brilliant combat tactics and personal heroism throughout the unit, not a single American was killed.

But who is the most well-known soldier of the Iraq war? Private Jessica Lynch, whose claim to fame is having been captured and rescued, stirring the hearts, as they say, of the whole country.

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