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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

The power of possibility

I never believed science can solve every problem, but some of the innovative ideas that are occurring to people to pursue are incredibly marvelous and ingenious like this:

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A Danish biotech company has developed a genetically modified flower that could help detect land mines and it hopes to have a prototype ready for use within a few years.

The genetically modified weed has been coded to change color when its roots come in contact with nitrogen-dioxide (NO2) evaporating from explosives buried in soil.

Within three to six weeks from being sowed over land mine infested areas the small plant, a Thale Cress, will turn a warning red whenever close to a land mine.

This is a remarkable advance (but consider the counter -- the mine planters sow the entire field with a weed that turns red no matter what. This could turn into the war of the roses.).

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