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Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

One Nation, Under Ford (and Hewlett-Packard)

From the Sac Bee: SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the dismissal of a employee who posted anti-gay religious messages at his work station in response to his employer's campaign to promote tolerance of diversity.

This article makes it seem like this fellow was a religious bigot who attacked homosexuals at work by generating "a hostile and intolerant work environment" , the court ruled.

However, when he posted three large-type Biblical passages over his work cubicle, including one from Leviticus condemning homosexuality in explicit terms, his supervisor removed them.

In meetings with management, Peterson said he would forgo his display only if the company would take down "gay" posters that were part of its diversity campaign. He claimed his religion compelled him to speak out against the posters, to hurt gay and lesbian co-workers and to confront them with the truth so they could repent.

After Peterson was fired - Peterson then sued, claiming the company was trying to change his religious beliefs in violation of federal civil rights law.

In throwing out the case, the 9th Circuit said none of the evidence showed that the company's motivation was anything other than a desire to eradicate workplace discrimination through efforts "entirely consistent with the goals and objectives of our civil rights statutes."

What the 9th Circuit Court didn't say was that their ruling effectively makes the company policy a new religious orthodoxy which is a jealous god and will tolerate no other religions before or beside it.

The company's diversity policy clearly violates a Christian's freedom of religious belief. It does not ask that homosexuals be tolerated and treated as human beings respected in their God-given rights. It demands that religious people alter their perception of homosexual practices and approve of homosexual lifestyles.

That is simply corporate despotism.

The Court assumes that moral disapproval is the same as overt hostility and discrimination. Now, to give the devil his due, what people generally condemn with strong convictions does cause them to act differently toward some people than others. But in truth, we act differently to everyone depending on their response to us, and our's to them.

If I hear someone I am talking to say in passing that Bush is Hitler, well, I pretty much shut down the conversation by refusing to acknowledge the accuracy of such a statement.

And if I have to work with a swishy homosexual, I will do everything I can to avoid his company for any length of time; same with a really butch dyke. I don't even have to be Christian to have those responses, but the PC figure they can force anything on anybody with a shred of personal dignity, scruples, and religious principles.

A company can make me work with someone I intensely dislike or disapprove of (if I wish to remain employed by them), but what is really happening is that they are trying to make employees like and approve of their fellows. The homosexual agenda is not same sex marriage exactly - it is for approval, acceptance, and license to all things perverted.

The idea is that all the problems of homosexuals will disappear if they are loved by society at large. They will at last be happy as who they are, and they only feel bad (and sick inside) because mean people say they are queer.

But homosexuals will always feel perverse, abnormal, unhappy, and strange so long as they despise God and grace (which is also true for anyone else). But the classic solution to anyone's discontent is to change others instead of the self.

What's infuriating is that people who should know better, our judges (who should have some realistic notions of human nature) endorse the "change others" principle.

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