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Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

Neo-cons are not my friends

If you keep up with conservative opinion in such places as National Review online or offline, The Corner, The Weekly Standard, and Opinion Journal (WSJ online) among other media organs, you must note that a majority of the pundits and commentators are not religious.

Jonah Goldberg, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jon Adler, Andrew Stuttaford, and so on, are entirely secular in their philosophies, but give lip service to the morality and traditional values of "good" religions (Christianity and Judaism).

This bothers me because I know that such men easily betray principles when pressed against pleasure. It's rather like a rich conservative who doesn't mind religion, but really prefers a world with Strip Bars in it. Not a very likely or devoted ally then in trying to moderate the human tendency toward public depravity.

Same with this immigration issue. Thus far, almost none of these mighty pundits gives a darn about enforcing our current laws. It is as if all they care about is wealth and its generation. Anything that helps produce greater wealth for some is good, and anything that interferes with a few getting immensely richer is bad.

Jay Leno once remarked, "Everytime I think I'm a Democrat, they go and do something incredibly stupid. Everytime I think I'm a Republican, they go and do something incredibly greedy."

Neo-cons will never be militants. Their lives are soft and insular. They will never be people driven to their knees in desire for God, for they will never despair for themselves, or hate life enough.

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