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Wednesday, January 28, 2004  

Howard Beale Redux

A depressing but accurate article entitled No Constitution Remains outlines how our welfare state, federal expansion of powers, and crippling taxation can't be overcome.

Remember in the movie Network that Howard Beale became the Mad Prophet of the Airwaves getting people to shout from their houses, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"?

But then Ned Beatty persuaded Howard that he was upsetting the cosmic balance of economic forces at which point Howard began preaching instead the inevitability of the people's enslavement:

"That constitutionally limited republic has been replaced by a strong-on-socialism welfare state which, George Will contends, “is here to stay”. The only remaining task is to “come to terms with” that, and republicans need to “prove that they are, or are not, serious about governing it.” The choice is no longer between limited and unlimited government."

"Will writes, “Regarding the post-New Deal role of government, the differences between the parties have narrowed. There shall be an enormous federal role in assuaging the two great fears of life: illness and old age. The arguments are about modalities.” "

"We want the federal government to run our health care, to give us cheap prescription drugs, to create jobs, to raise and educate our children and tell us all what to eat, to dictate how we can use our property, to provide for our retirement, to tell businesses how to run their business; we want the government to force other people to pay for it all; we want, we want…more programs, more regulations, more goodies. "

"It has been said that a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything you have. We are well on the road to proving that truth."

"The average American works nearly 2 hours of every 8 hour workday to pay federal taxes (nearly 3 hours if all other taxes are included). Americans work 181 days of the year to pay taxes and comply with the regulatory costs of government at all levels. It is a sad commentary that 228 years after we won our freedom from the oppression of the British government, we now spend nearly half of our working lives as indentured servants of our own government. There are many in our government, and seeking the presidency, who think that’s still not enough."

I don't think anyone I encounter now understands how unconstitutional most of our government is. Heck, I didn't know it or think about it until the last few years. I believed that the Preamble clause about promoting the general welfare was the mandate right there for good government advocates.

It never occurred to me that the rules detailed in what followed clearly expressed how that general welfare was to be promoted -- by certain limits and objective mandates of power the government had jurisdiction over. There is nothing in the Preamble to suggest any expansion of the Constitution's regulations of power in any other area of life (except by amendment).

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