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Saturday, January 17, 2004  

Finally, a man steps up

as Guliani should have.

Israeli ambassador to Sweden attacked and destroyed a "work of art" that offended him in a museum there.

The art installation, called Snow White and located in the museum's courtyard, featured a basin filled with red water, designed to look like blood.

A sailboat with the name Snow White floated on the water, and placed like a sail was a photo of a smiling Hanadi Jaradat, the female lawyer who blew herself up in the Haifa suicide bombing attack in October which killed 21 Israelis.

"For me it was intolerable and an insult to the families of the victims. As ambassador to Israel I could not remain indifferent to such an obscene misrepresentation of reality," the ambassador told Swedish news agency TT.

The museum's artistic director, Thomas Nordanstad, said he had given the artists the go-ahead to create the piece, and had "hoped it would lead to an artistic dialogue".

The artwork was repaired and was on Saturday on view to the public, despite Israel's insistence that it be disassembled.

It did create a dialogue. It slapped someone in the face and he slapped back. (And isn't "dialogue" one of the biggest wussy words of all time? That, and "debate"; as when I do something provocative in order to get people to debate something about them that I hate, or dialogue about it. It's all meant to escape responsibility, consequence, and resolution. A real dialogue is when you and I have a dispute over a property line, a contract, and instead of going to court, we see if we can work out our differences ourselves; or two businessmen making a deal; or a parent discussing a serious matter with a child. We have a debate when we want to settle a public or communal matter, and once a vote is taken, the matter is settled. None of this constant harping for another and another debate because "they" didn't hear you the first time.)

The so-called artists, one Israeli, attempted to justify the "work" but aren't we all fed up with the kinds of excuses these people give themselves for their bad taste and evil machinations which equate offense with artfullness.

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