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Saturday, January 17, 2004  

The Diet Police

We've known this was coming for awhile, but some may not know why, but the UN, WHO, and European governments want to stake the moral high ground of the busybody and puritan over food.

The why is simple. If the State is responsibile for your health care, then it is also responsible for the state of your health. Anything you might do which is detrimental to your health becomes the State's business, and you must be stopped or punished. The money the State spends on you isn't yours. It's the State's, don't you see? And you have no right to 'tax' the funds of the State irresponsibly.

(Since people are always the cause of so many problem, complications, and annoyances -- why doesn't the State just do away with us all? Well, actually, that is the goal of the totalitarian state -- to make humans into machines.)

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