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Saturday, January 10, 2004  

The Derb nails it!

One of the cliches of this debate is that "you can't very well deport them all, can you?" Well, actually, we probably could if we wanted to. In the 1954 Operation Wetback (sorry, that's what it was called), the INS claimed to have sent 1,300,000 illegals back to Mexico using a force of only 700 officers. The figures have been disputed; but as a matter of sheer practicality, I do not believe that deporting eight million illegals with current resources is unthinkable.

But the real scandal here is not that we are failing to deport ALL illegal aliens, even supposing we could, but that we are failing to deport ANY. If you have cast-iron evidence that I am an illegal alien, and you take that evidence to your local immigration enforcement office, they will do nothing. We know this because enterprising citizens have been trying it out and logging their efforts on immigration-restrictionist web sites. If the authorities just did what they could, and deported those illegal aliens who came to their attention, the chilling effect would cause far larger numbers to drift back to their home countries.
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From Bill O'Reilly's column comes this: "Right now, 34% of all LEGAL Mexican immigrants are on welfare, and 25% of illegals are getting government assistance. That number will not decline, as some illegals will make it and some will not.

So legal Mexican immigrants came here as poor people desperate to work? I think not.

I thought immigration law was supposed to restrict Welfare to immigrants? I guess not.

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