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Thursday, January 29, 2004  

The Coulter Encounter

I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. Ann delivers, especially in the first paragraph. It is satire like Alexander Pope, that is, to be a target of such a wit is to be thoroughly humiliated.

I realize that in 50 years no one will care or get the jokes, but this is very funny stuff for the moment.

After the New Hampshire primary, Dennis Kucinich's new slogan is: ".001 Percent of America Can't Be Wrong!" John Edwards' new slogan is: "Vote for Me or We'll See You in Court." Joe Lieberman's new slogan is: "Sixth Place Is Not an Option." (Bumper sticker version: "Ask Me About My Delegate.") Al Sharpton's new slogan is "Hello? Room Service?" Wesley Clark's new slogan is: "Leading America's War on Fetuses." Howard Dean's new slogan is: "I Want to Be Your President ... And So Do I!"

". . . Kerry clearly has no experience dealing with problems of typical Americans since he is a cad and a gigolo living in the lap of other men's money. "

Yes, Ann can be mean, but like Michael savage, is she really all that inaccurate?

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