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Thursday, January 01, 2004  

Cold Hollywood

I went to see the movie, Cold Mountain, last night with my wife. I was going to write a brief negative review but Jonathan Last beat me to it here: This same affliction (of killing off people) ravages "Cold Mountain" for the better part of two and a half hours, draining a story about love, fidelity, and the moral depredations of war of all tension and dramatic momentum. What is left is a husk and, for the viewer, the uncomfortable feeling of having been patted down by a grifter.

What I was chiefly going to comment on, though, is the cowardly directors of Hollywood who never seem able to comment on war as anything but a stupid mistake of stupid men. There is never a concession that people are entitled to defend their lives or their liberty; and that as harsh and horrible as war is, some things are worse.

Granted that in the midst of carnage, when the body most seeks flight, it may be difficult to recall the awful necessity, and grim resolve which brought a soul to such a pass; but even as a roadside bomb explodes beside a passing convoy, we must remember that the people planting such devices would break through our doors, and slit the throats of our children as they lay sleeping if they could. Just as they do as much as possible against Jews in Israel.

So, Mr. Hollywood director who has his actors moan about what violent criminals men are, and war is something we could just stop doing if we felt like it -- so what shall we tell the widows of NY, the mothers of blown up little Jews in Jaffa? Get out? Leave? Move away? Forget about it? The nasty men will stop if you ask them nicely?

And what about that little war which created the United States of America? I guess that was dumb, also, settled nothing, and left only evil in its wake?

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